Friday, January 25, 2013

Bless His All-Business Heart

"So, for our next class together, re-read __________ and continue through to page _______."

That is what my business associations professor says at the end of every class. I appreciate that he gives us an idea of how far along in the syllabus we will be at our next class. But, re-reading? He is talking about the pages that he told us we would cover during the just-finished class but that we did not actually get to that day.


I will look over my highlighting and my margin notes and any diagrams I drew next to the name of the case, but I will not be re-reading anything. I simply do not have time. I chuckle every time he says that.

Today, he added a special little funny. We will be reading about directors, officers, and shareholders in the near future. When we do, it will apparently be helpful if we make a chart of their characteristics as we go along to help us keep the differences straight.

"If you have extra time this weekend, you might even want to get started on that chart early."

Extra time? Who in law school has extra time?

I am doing great to have the reading and any assignments done before each of my classes. It is an outright miracle if all of this is done the night before classes.

If I have extra time, I might look over the optional hornbook* that another student told me she had heard was incredibly helpful in his class. (He is one of the authors.)

Or, I might take a nap to catch up on my sleep deprivation. I really need a nap right now.

Or, I might do something fun so that I don't go stark raving mad.

Or, I might spend time with my daughter.

Or volunteer.

Or save the world.

This is by no means an expression of irritation with my professor. I think he sincerely means the best for us, hopes that we will have a burning desire to re-read cases, and wants us to see how wonderful business associations can be. In fact, he offered to look over our charts and give us feedback once we have created them--and they are just for our personal study. They are not an assignment and are not part of our grade.

Also, he wears awesome ties. Brightly colored stripes and loops and what have you. I think there has been a different tie every day.

And his lectures are a constant stream of puns.

Bless his heart for thinking that I go home and re-read cases and can't wait to get started on a comparison chart.

*A book that gives an overview of the concepts in an area of law, rather than just the court cases.

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